4 Day Weekend

I really love the 4th of July. Like, a lot. It might be my favorite holiday. When else is it completely acceptable to wear obnoxious patriotic clothing, get drunk all day and go around lighting things on fire? Its fucking awesome. Some of my fondest memories from when I was a kid were laying on a blanket watching fireworks with my family at Holiday Shores Lake (oh, the memories.) Some say I have too high of expectations for the perfect 4th (especially my ex boyfriend, who I complained to about not being able to lie down when watching fireworks a few years back, whoops).

But seriously, the 4th rules. This weekend I get a fabulous four day weekend, and I plan on making the most of it. Looking forward to the beach, a country bar (Yes in LA, Jenna scoped one out), and soaking up the sun allll weekend.

Happy 4th weekend!


Busy Tuesday

It's been a crazy Tuesday that seemed to start out slow and then flew by. Got to meet the adorable Kathryn from The Blonde and the Brunette (Check out their site, its fab), and got her decked out in a bunch of summer looks from Leyendecker. Way too busy to find inspirational pics for the day, but this one pretty much says it all. Heading straight to happy hour with the girls after work. Thank god.

Happy Tuesday!


Blah. Monday.

I've been in a weird haze all day, so the pictures influencing me are totally reflecting that. I'm going on about 3 hours of sleep, so my brain is total mush. But the weekend was good, and I just found out I get a four day weekend so only 3 more days until the 4th festivities begin. Hoo. Ray.


Jorts and Cupcakes

Happy fucking Friday! This week seemed to fly by, and I'm so excited that the weekend is here. Today I'm getting off work at 2 (thanks David!) and running errands aka going thrift shopping all afternoon. Then out for some drinks with friends tonight. Saturday is a day filled with shopping downtown (I know, I shop too much), Santa Monica Pier and then out on the town with the girls! Then beach on Sunday. Fun-filled weekend.

The theme of today doesn't really have any connection to each other, I'm just planning on living in denim shorts all weekend, and I'm making a journey to Sprinkles to get my hands on a cupcake at some point. I have had a crazy sweets craving all week! (My roomie has too, we got gelato on Tuesday and then she made a pie for us on Wednesday.)

Hope you guys have a fab weekend!xx