Bridal Bliss.

This Tuesday of mine seemed to have a certain theme. I had no idea when I started the day off, that I would be spending a good majority of the day dealing with bridal questions and suggestions. It started off when my sister texted me asking me about reception locations for her upcoming wedding in August. We then went on and on discussing details of her wedding. Then I got an email from one of my best friends Meghan about hair and makeup for her upcoming wedding that I'm in. We then spent the rest of the day going back and forth about hair and attire for her wedding. (Clearly, my two favorite parts of any wedding)

I LOVE weddings. When else is it completely acceptable to get drunk with all of your best friends and dance the night away? (Ok for me, that's pretty much any weekend) But I really am so excited for all 3 weddings I have coming up this summer. Even if it is going to have quite an impact on my bank account! But since I'm in 2 out of the 3 weddings I'm attending, it means I've had to make a bit of a time commitment to looking at bridesmaids dresses. The hard part about bridesmaids dresses is that for some RIDICULOUS reason they are supposed to be plain and unattractive. This is not acceptable for me. I'm all about finding regular dresses and treating them like bridesmaids dresses.

Below are some inspirations of what I'm hoping to wear at either of the weddings:


Street Style Monday.

Well, we're back from Vegas. Long story short, I hate Vegas. The good news is, the Wynn has an amazing buffet. The bad news is, that's pretty much all I did while I was there. Now I'm back to face a full work week of fun. Today definitely feels like a Monday. All I want to do is go home and go to bed.

But I wanted to share some of my fave pics from my fave street style blog: Jak & Jil. Street style pics makes my mood infinitely better.


What to wear to Vegas, Part 2

Well tonight's packing night for this weekend trip, and I'm still stumped. I'd like to just pack a definite outfit for each day & each night, but that never ends up being what I pack. I usually end up packing like 20 pairs of shoes, none of which I actually wear. And then so many random pieces of clothes that seemed like a good idea when I was packing. I should probably drink less wine when I pack as well, but I can never get motivated without the wine.

Since it's going to be a good 20 degrees colder in Vegas than it is in LA, I'm struggling even more with what the hell to wear. I'm thinking something casual/comfy for the roadtrip and dinner when we get there. Slutty fringe black dress for that night. Casual dress with a sweater for Saturday day. Slutty white dress for that night. Sunday... whatever I can manage to throw on. Below are some inspiration pics for the weekend.