Manrepeller? More like Manattracter.

For those of you still confused about what my day-to-day job consists of, I spend a good amount of time communicating and stalking fashion bloggers. As an online fashion publicist, it's my job to stay on top of what topics and styles bloggers are covering as well as getting them to wear/blog about our client's pieces. For quite awhile, I loved ManRepeller. Aka Leandra Medine.

What wasn't to love? She mixed humor with fashion and she was the queen of layering. She was quirky and weird and loved the fact that her clothes repelled men. Then she got too big for her britches. Not sure if I can nail down when it happened, but it was after June and before October. She stopped responding to my emails, and stopped supporting any designers that weren't huge names. That made me start to hate her. Then.. the worst happened.

She. Got. Engaged. Really? She's 23. She claimed to be going on awkward dates and having men give her strange looks because of her clothes. Well, she must have been doing something right because she snagged herself a man. Meanwhile, I was following her lead and actually repelling men. I guess I'm just better at her game than she is?

So, from a single true man repeller, here are some looks that will scare away men and let you lay in peace on your couch drinking moscato and watching a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Marathon.

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