What to wear to Vegas, Part 2

Well tonight's packing night for this weekend trip, and I'm still stumped. I'd like to just pack a definite outfit for each day & each night, but that never ends up being what I pack. I usually end up packing like 20 pairs of shoes, none of which I actually wear. And then so many random pieces of clothes that seemed like a good idea when I was packing. I should probably drink less wine when I pack as well, but I can never get motivated without the wine.

Since it's going to be a good 20 degrees colder in Vegas than it is in LA, I'm struggling even more with what the hell to wear. I'm thinking something casual/comfy for the roadtrip and dinner when we get there. Slutty fringe black dress for that night. Casual dress with a sweater for Saturday day. Slutty white dress for that night. Sunday... whatever I can manage to throw on. Below are some inspiration pics for the weekend.

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