Friday Ramblings.

Ew guys, why have you not been yelling at me for these disgraceful posts? I mean, I know I keep having the excuse of being super busy, but seriously this week was an embarrassing set of posts. Yuck. I promise today I'll fill you guys in on what I've been up to and other equally exciting things to read about.

Topic Number 1: To be or not to be tan. I feel like living in LA means that I should be tan year-round, but let's be honest, I'm more pale now than I've ever been. I see the sun shining through the windows at work, but I never get to bask in it. I'm considering going to the beach tomorrow or Sunday in an attempt to get a semi-tan. But is it really worth driving 45 minutes in traffic or should I embrace my paleness? Let's discuss.

Topic Number 2: Why the fuck is everyone getting engaged? This one is not just for all the girls my age who are seeing all of their friends getting engaged, but seriously it's celeb engagement season as well. Jessica and Justin? Drew and whoever that guy is that she's engaged to? Britney and that old guy? This is just getting ridiculous. For all of the above celebs I mentioned, why do you want to walk down the aisle? Are you happy now? Then don't ruin it with rings, retards. As for all of my friends getting engaged, I can't really say bad things about it since it's what they want to do. But since I'm probably never getting married, I'm already planning out my "Celebration of Singlehood" Shower. Shoes, purses and clothing as presents only.

Topic Number 3: 24 Hour Catwalk with THE Alexa Chung. Did everyone watch the sneak peek episode of 24 Hour Catwalk on Lifetime last night? No? Ok I'm pretty sure I'm the only one since I was live tweeting it, and had nobody responding. It's okay if you missed the sneak peek since you can still catch the premiere next week. Here's what you missed: Alexa Chung in two adorable jumpers, a super cute tea dress and she did this amazingly awkward twirl that was too precious for words. As far as the actual designers went, eh they sucked. Most of the designers were over 50 and had god awful taste. One girl had an obsession with sequins and pretty much designed a dress from Wal-Mart materials. None of the initial designs were very good. The final design competition was a bit better, and the guy with the best clothes ended up losing to this loony bin woman in a rainbow poncho. But the highlights were: Derek Blasberg, Alexa and Cynthia Rowley are hilarious. It's worth it to watch them and steal Alexa's outfits.

Topic Number 4: Denim Overalls. Recently while at a St. Louis Forever 21, my friend turned to me with a pair of denim overall shorts and said "Haha look at these!" Clearly, she thought they were hideous. More clearly, I thought they were amazing. Needless to say I bought them, and they are making a debut next week. Get excited.

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