Crazy Stupid Weekend (In a good way)

This week seemed to fly by, and as of 5 pm today I will be signing my lease with my dear friend Jules for our very own apt in Downtown LA. I will be going literally non-stop from when I leave work today to Monday morning, but waking up in my big bed in my loft apartment on Monday morning and getting to WALK to work will make all of this craziness worth it!

Last night the Dietch PR crew headed over to the opening of Perch, which included an amazing view of downtown and some deliciously (free) wine. Since Kelly, Lauren and I hadn't eaten all day we got fairly tipsy (wasted). I met some adorable interns who were working the event, and found out one of them went to Mizzou. Needless to say, I bombarded her with questions about her life and vowed to make her my new best friend. Poor girl. Our gang then skipped on down to a delicious downtown diner (Nickel Diner, to be exact), where we literally stuffed our faces with huge burgers, fries, and a dessert assortment that would make your grandma's desserts sound like poo.

Today we are all tired and Jackie & Chris from Beso Beso are here doing a model casting. Nothing makes my Friday morning more joyous than being bloated from a late-night binge and getting to watch tall skinny models pose for pictures. Nothing. But I'll be out of here around 3, and then its off to deal with official apartment stuff and then Happy Hour in Los Feliz with Jordan! It's our final hoorah as roomies, so we are going out with a bang (well, as big of a bang as we can with her having to be at work at 9 am on Sat.. boo!) After drinks, we are going to see Crazy Stupid Love. Bring on the Ryan Gosling abs. Yum! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Yummy Nickel Diner. Go. Now.

Hey look it's my apartment! The one with the huge radio towers.. so it will be easy to find when I'm out downtown. Phew.
The crew.

Paparazzi pic.

My apartment building. Pumped.


Downtown Living

It's getting close to move in day! Ah! So excited! Growing up, I always knew I wasn't a country girl. Which was highly unfortunate, since I was surrounded by the country. But moving out here, and now finally getting a loft downtown, things are starting to feel like I belong out here. (Breathing a sigh of relief.) Now I just need to get all settled in!


Sorry I've been MIA

With the drama of my apartment (Looonnngg story), and the fact that I've been crazy busy at work, there has been a massive lack of posting on my part. I apologize to all of my loyal followers (yeah, you 4, you know who you are!). But I mustered up the energy to get a few pics together, so get excited.

On a happy note, my dear friend Jules and I might be getting a place together downtown. Yes, you might be wondering what happened with the other lease I signed. But things have a funny way of working out, and I think living with Jules in a loft will be too fabulous to pass up. Expect lots of pics of the two of us once the move has been made!

This weekend I'm looking forward to beach on Saturday for 6th Man? Some kind of volleyball competition in Manhattan Beach that is supposed to be a great time. Then Dodgers Game Sat. night with the one and only Jules! Should be a good weekend. Other than the moving just to move in another 2 weeks part.. Oh well!


Bright Lights

I finally caved in and bought... wait for it... colored denim. Yeah it's true. I'm currently writing this while sporting hot pink pants. That's right, not only are my pants bright as shit, they are also hot pink. A color I never wear. I don't even know who I am anymore!

On an awesome sidenote, my idol Jeannie Mai came in the office today since she's close friends with David. Little does she know that I'm totes obsessed with her! How many episodes did I DVR of How Do I Look when I was back in St. Louis? Too many to recall. She's so cool.

Ok obvi my look of the day is COLORED DENIM. Go out and getchya a pair. You know you want to.



I'm an adult?

It's official, I've signed my lease for a downtown apartment which means I can start moving all of my stuff in on Monday. Ah, crazy! I guess this means I'm an adult, kind of. I must mention that the apartment is directly in the middle of where all the nightlife happens in DTLA as well as being only 5 blocks from where I work! Hooray for no driving!

This means that I've started thinking, for real, how to decorate my new apartment on a small (nonexistent) budget. There are 3 things that are a must: 1. I will have a vintage chandelier in my room. 2. I will mimic the wall of magazine covers in the picture below and 3. Since we already have the leather couch (that folds down to a bed... visitors??), I plan on also doing a collage of art like the picture below with the leather couch. Other than that, I'm going to wing it. But I'm so excited to live downtown!


Farewell Long Hair

Today is d-day. This could stand for (D)evastated that I Cut My Hair Day or (D)elighted About How My Short Hair Not Only Makes Me Look More Attractive But Also Trendy and Hip. Suffice to say, I'm fucking terrified. God I hate hair cuts. I'd rather be giving blood.

At least I'm not this girl..

...And hopefully I'll be like this girl

Wish me luck!


Overwhelming Tuesday

This Tuesday completely flew by. I'm basically losing my mind with everything I have going on and all the planning that I have for the next few weeks. Craziness. But I'm excited for the shoot we're doing with one of our clients tomorrow in the showroom, the theme is all about badass chicks. It should be fun.


Is it fall yet?

Today has by far been one of my favorite days in a while in LA (weather wise). I woke up and headed to work where the skies were filled with clouds (gasp) AND it was cool outside. Anyone who knows me, knows that there is nothing I like more than crappy weather days in LA, which are few and far between. The clouds have already broken and the sun is out again, lame. But the small taste of cool weather got me excited for fall and fall fashion.

P.S. Huge life changes are in the works, stay tuned.