Crazy Stupid Weekend (In a good way)

This week seemed to fly by, and as of 5 pm today I will be signing my lease with my dear friend Jules for our very own apt in Downtown LA. I will be going literally non-stop from when I leave work today to Monday morning, but waking up in my big bed in my loft apartment on Monday morning and getting to WALK to work will make all of this craziness worth it!

Last night the Dietch PR crew headed over to the opening of Perch, which included an amazing view of downtown and some deliciously (free) wine. Since Kelly, Lauren and I hadn't eaten all day we got fairly tipsy (wasted). I met some adorable interns who were working the event, and found out one of them went to Mizzou. Needless to say, I bombarded her with questions about her life and vowed to make her my new best friend. Poor girl. Our gang then skipped on down to a delicious downtown diner (Nickel Diner, to be exact), where we literally stuffed our faces with huge burgers, fries, and a dessert assortment that would make your grandma's desserts sound like poo.

Today we are all tired and Jackie & Chris from Beso Beso are here doing a model casting. Nothing makes my Friday morning more joyous than being bloated from a late-night binge and getting to watch tall skinny models pose for pictures. Nothing. But I'll be out of here around 3, and then its off to deal with official apartment stuff and then Happy Hour in Los Feliz with Jordan! It's our final hoorah as roomies, so we are going out with a bang (well, as big of a bang as we can with her having to be at work at 9 am on Sat.. boo!) After drinks, we are going to see Crazy Stupid Love. Bring on the Ryan Gosling abs. Yum! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Yummy Nickel Diner. Go. Now.

Hey look it's my apartment! The one with the huge radio towers.. so it will be easy to find when I'm out downtown. Phew.
The crew.

Paparazzi pic.

My apartment building. Pumped.

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