Sorry I've been MIA

With the drama of my apartment (Looonnngg story), and the fact that I've been crazy busy at work, there has been a massive lack of posting on my part. I apologize to all of my loyal followers (yeah, you 4, you know who you are!). But I mustered up the energy to get a few pics together, so get excited.

On a happy note, my dear friend Jules and I might be getting a place together downtown. Yes, you might be wondering what happened with the other lease I signed. But things have a funny way of working out, and I think living with Jules in a loft will be too fabulous to pass up. Expect lots of pics of the two of us once the move has been made!

This weekend I'm looking forward to beach on Saturday for 6th Man? Some kind of volleyball competition in Manhattan Beach that is supposed to be a great time. Then Dodgers Game Sat. night with the one and only Jules! Should be a good weekend. Other than the moving just to move in another 2 weeks part.. Oh well!

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