Well, well, WELL. After a very long sabbatical (wait, what's a sabbatical? I think I'm using that word wrong), I have finally returned to my beloved blog. You may be asking yourself a plethora of questions including: Megan, where did you go?? Megan, why did you abandon your blog?? Megan, we didn't even notice you were gone! (That's less of a question, more just a rude statement!) The answer to all of your questions will be answered in this post. JK- we all know I only like to post pics on this blog, so that is what I will be doing. After a few (ahem) necessary formatting updates, we are back on track.


Now let's get right into it. Knits. I'm crazy cat lady obsessed with knits. Living in LA makes knits essential. NOT. It makes them quite unnecessary, but I don't care. I will wear sweaters in any climate. Some of my favorites below.


NYFW SS13 Street Style Round Up

No, no NYFW isn't over quite yet. But I thought I'd do my initial Street Style round up because there have been some great looks from over the weekend. On Thursday, I was pretty sure this year was going to be a dud when it came to street style. But the ladies really picked it up since then, and I'm obsessed with more than a few of these looks. Clearly, Miroslava has a warm place in my heart. I want to put her in my pocket and steal all of her outfits.


Wedding Weekend

Well this is my last post before I head off to St. Louis for a wonderful wedding weekend! I'm so excited to be surrounded by good friends for 2 full days!

I'm thinking for my makeup I'm going to gear toward the natural side as well. My fake lashes were a nightmare for my sister's wedding. Live and learn right? Lesson learned.


Wavy Hair Weekend

Well there's only 2 days until I'm back home for the Fendler/Nebiolo wedding, and it's time to decide on hair options. After the fiasco that was the extensions/fishtail braid at my sister's wedding (although it gave Ali a great laugh) I've decided to forgo the overdone/glam look. I'm planning on going much more au natural!

This means I think I might do hair down or half up with waves. Simple but cute. Let me know your thoughts. Ideas below!


Fashionable Travels.

This weekend will mark the 4th time in 4 months that I'm heading onto a plane in the direction of my home city of St. Louis. Of course, I love being able to go home and see everyone! But the flying alone is exhausting. One thing that I have never been able to quite get down is staying fashionable yet comfortable on flights. I always end up in legging/jeggings and some type of tank top/sweater combo.

I always see celebs/models looking gorgeous when departing the airport. The private jets are probably a good reason as to why they are looking so well rested and fashionable, but let's ignore that part for a second. It has always a dream of mine to wear sweatpants fashionably. Leggings are fine for flights, but this time I am going to try to master the sporty tank top/sweat pant combo. We'll see if I'll be able to pull it off.

Here's some of my outfit inspiration for my flight home for Meghan's wedding!



Today I got scary deep into the blog a pair and a spare. Like, scary. I haven't veered away from the site all day, and I have a need for more. If anyone knew me back in the day, they know my love for DIY. Give me a full length vintage dress and a pair of scissors, and I was set. My love for all things thrift/vintage have taken a sad turn for the worse. Vintage/thrift in LA is synonymous with overpriced. It is nearly impossible, unless you've lived here for your whole life, to really know the unknown thrift stores. And even those are what I would consider picked over.

My one gleaming beacon of light for when (if?) I have to move back to the Midwest, is the idea of thrift  shopping. I seriously cannot wait to be back there for the mere fact that the vintage finds are SOOOO good. Like, 25 cents for a purse that they charge $45 on Melrose out here, good.

Here are some of my fav. finds from Geneva at a pair and a spare. Her hair is also amazing, I'm thinking about chopping my hair off into a bob this week just because I can.

 Images via a pair and a spare