Swimsuit Season.

It's summer. It's like 500 degrees back at home. And when it gets to 80 degrees here, I start complaining about the heat. Luckily, whether its 80 or 105 degrees, we can all enjoy running around in swimsuits this time of year. And by enjoy, I mean suffer through.

But, if we have to squeeze our butts into a suit, it might as well be a cute one right? Don't mind this anorexic model in these suits. Bitch. (All swimwear is from One Teaspoon, my newest Australian obsession)


Almost Friday.

I love Thursdays because they are so close to Friday. Back in the day, I loved Thursdays because they were the nights I would go out and get trashed in college but alas I'm fucking old now so Thursdays are a bit less exciting. And less blacked out.

But I'm excited for the weekend to get here and the short week that comes with the 4th being next week! I'm ready for some fireworks and a full day on the beach.


Wedding (Hair) Season

Well, if it wasn't before, as of July it is full-fledged wedding season. Being in two weddings this summer (my best friend, Meghans and my sisters) means I have a lot of wedding fun in the next couple of months! Unfortunately, being poor has meant I'm missing out on a ton of the fun festivities like showers, bachelorette parties and even a good friends wedding in a couple weeks. If only I had some type of secret money stash I could go to for when I need to fly home. Or maybe just free flights? That would work too.

I'm excited to be in these weddings, but it means that I have to do something with the mop on my head! Clearly, I'm awful at styling my hair which is why I wear it down and sometimes washed. Below are some ideas I had for how to wear my hair for the weddings. Since it's going to to be Aug and Sept in St. Louis, I think I need to put my hair up since I'll be sweating like a pig. Let me know your thoughts.



Seriously SO so so sorry about the major absence. The last couple of weeks have been like a crazy tornado went through my life. Since Brock has gotten here, I feel like my life has gone from nothing but free time to no free time. Which is awesome that I have so much going on, but it finally took it's toll on me. I was sick as a dog all last week and on top of that, Brock had a friend in town visiting. Between entertaining him and trying not to infect everyone with my cold, I didn't have a ton of inspiration to post on here.

But I'm well again, and things have slowed down a bit! Thank goodness. So yes, I'm back. We had a relaxing weekend lounging around by the pool and eating delicious food. Last night we decided to trek out to Golf N' Stuff, the family fun place that the Karate Kid went to in the movie. Clearly, Brock was stoked. It was actually the best mini golf place I've ever been to, and we had so much fun. Hoping this week flies by so we can have a nice weekend and hopefully go to the beach!

Hating today, time is draggginnnggg on. It definitely feels like a Monday.

(All images via Love-Aesthetics.blogspot.com, my new blog obsession from the Netherlands.)


Brussel sprouts and bacon.

That's just what I'm craving for dinner, so I decided to title the post with it. I've never actually made brussel sprouts with bacon, but I figure it can't be that hard. I'm going to attempt to cook them in the oven. I'm getting to be quite domestic. That's a lie, but I am starting to cook more than a lean cuisine. So that's progress.

How was everyone's weekend? I decided to throw my old routine of having relaxing weekends out the window. Friday night Brock and I ventured out to Glendale to try the new Vegas buffet. Yes, I love buffets. It was a seafood buffet, so that made it all the better. I spent the majority of my time ripping apart crab legs. All in all, it was pretty good. Clearly, I felt disgusting afterwards, but that's the joy and misery of boofays.

Saturday we headed to Long Beach to check out the aquarium and then Sunday we went to West Hollywood for the Gay Pride Parade. Such a busy weekend that I feel like I'm still recovering. Tonight I just want to do laundry and watch movies.