Brussel sprouts and bacon.

That's just what I'm craving for dinner, so I decided to title the post with it. I've never actually made brussel sprouts with bacon, but I figure it can't be that hard. I'm going to attempt to cook them in the oven. I'm getting to be quite domestic. That's a lie, but I am starting to cook more than a lean cuisine. So that's progress.

How was everyone's weekend? I decided to throw my old routine of having relaxing weekends out the window. Friday night Brock and I ventured out to Glendale to try the new Vegas buffet. Yes, I love buffets. It was a seafood buffet, so that made it all the better. I spent the majority of my time ripping apart crab legs. All in all, it was pretty good. Clearly, I felt disgusting afterwards, but that's the joy and misery of boofays.

Saturday we headed to Long Beach to check out the aquarium and then Sunday we went to West Hollywood for the Gay Pride Parade. Such a busy weekend that I feel like I'm still recovering. Tonight I just want to do laundry and watch movies.


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