Seriously SO so so sorry about the major absence. The last couple of weeks have been like a crazy tornado went through my life. Since Brock has gotten here, I feel like my life has gone from nothing but free time to no free time. Which is awesome that I have so much going on, but it finally took it's toll on me. I was sick as a dog all last week and on top of that, Brock had a friend in town visiting. Between entertaining him and trying not to infect everyone with my cold, I didn't have a ton of inspiration to post on here.

But I'm well again, and things have slowed down a bit! Thank goodness. So yes, I'm back. We had a relaxing weekend lounging around by the pool and eating delicious food. Last night we decided to trek out to Golf N' Stuff, the family fun place that the Karate Kid went to in the movie. Clearly, Brock was stoked. It was actually the best mini golf place I've ever been to, and we had so much fun. Hoping this week flies by so we can have a nice weekend and hopefully go to the beach!

Hating today, time is draggginnnggg on. It definitely feels like a Monday.

(All images via Love-Aesthetics.blogspot.com, my new blog obsession from the Netherlands.)

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