Wedding (Hair) Season

Well, if it wasn't before, as of July it is full-fledged wedding season. Being in two weddings this summer (my best friend, Meghans and my sisters) means I have a lot of wedding fun in the next couple of months! Unfortunately, being poor has meant I'm missing out on a ton of the fun festivities like showers, bachelorette parties and even a good friends wedding in a couple weeks. If only I had some type of secret money stash I could go to for when I need to fly home. Or maybe just free flights? That would work too.

I'm excited to be in these weddings, but it means that I have to do something with the mop on my head! Clearly, I'm awful at styling my hair which is why I wear it down and sometimes washed. Below are some ideas I had for how to wear my hair for the weddings. Since it's going to to be Aug and Sept in St. Louis, I think I need to put my hair up since I'll be sweating like a pig. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. That second one...I have been eyeing for quite sometime..I will def let you know what I decide before you pick yours. However, for your style, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pic. Very tousled...Love!

    And I miss you so keep posting so I know whats going on in your life. Please and thanks <3 MUAH.