Apartment Crazy

Once again, I've become obsessed with decorating. These obsessions usually come out of nowhere, but right now I can't stop looking at design and decorating blogs. When my lease is up, I most likely will be moving to a smaller one bedroom or studio. I'm hoping to have high ceilings and a great view of downtown. (A rooftop pool wouldn't hurt either!) I am loving antlers and all types of woodsy decor. Here are some of my design inspirations!

PS Only 10 more days until I leave for New York! I'm already making a list of things that I have to do while I'm there. The Brooklyn Flea is obviously at the top of my list. As is this place with apparently the best red velvet cake in NY. Look at this pic and try not to drool. Seriously. (http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/8V6gYJzUMu60gWjvdJesgQ?select=9yhM-ml7MHc1UggGw6nEIg)

Let me know if you guys have suggestions of places I have to visit while I'm there, I love going and seeing new places every time!


Weekend Update!

Sorry readers (MEGHAN) that I wan't able to post yesterday! I got really busy and wasn't able to put anything up. But since I'm in working with a lovely blogger this morning, I thought I'd do a great Saturday morning post! Get excited! This is better than brunch! (No it's not, brunch is better than anything as far as I'm concerned.)

So, without further ado, weekend images to get you through until Monday.


Guess Who's Back

Well since everyone (no one) has noticed that I haven't posted this week, I thought I'd give you your daily fashion fix. In case you were wondering, I've been extremely busy this week. But on the bright side, my countdown to New York has officially started! 15 days and counting. FUckkkk yes.



Have you guys ever dreamed of trading your life to be a gorgeous French model? Ok good, I'm not the only one. Today I stumbled upon Jeanne Damas' blog where she basically posts pictures of her everyday, amazing life with her hot boyfriend and modeling gigs. I'm ready to switch lives with her anytime.


New Bag.

Well, we're a few weeks away from it officially being spring. Even though its like 80 degrees back in St. Louis, it's been cold here (60s) all week and it's only supposed to only get up into the 50s this weekend. WTF. But with the changing of the fashion seasons brings on my urge to get a new bag. Like clockwork, I get tired of my bag each spring and fall. This spring I want a bag with a pop of color. Mint and cobalt are my current colors of choice, but we'll see what I end up finding.

PS I'm hungover as fuck. Never mixing a full day of work with a bottle of wine, a fashion show and after-show cocktails ever again. I'm a zombie today. Need. Sleep.