Happy Scripps National Spelling Bee Day

It's a big day in America, folks. That's right, today is the National Spelling Bee Day. It's the day where families and spelling enthusiasts alike gather round the television to watch the brightest (and mostly Indian) children compete for the title of BEST SPELLER IN AMERICA. Its a huge deal.

From a young age, spelling has been my favorite subject. If spelling had been a major, I would've definitely majored in it. (Instead, I chose journalism which was as close to spelling as I could get.) Since I only made it to the regional competition as a child (and was out in the first round to the word CORRAL... it's harder than it looks assholes), I've decided my future children will be the only hope I have at making it to the national spelling bee. (I'll be the pyscho mother trying not to mouth the spelling to every word). I'm fully aware that this means my child will be an outcast, somewhat odd child. But it will all be worth it when she/he takes home the title of national spelling bee champion.

So do yourselves a huge favor and tune into the spelling bee finals tonight. You won't be sorry.

And in case you have no interest in spelling (what's wrong with you?), you might be interested in knowing that Ali is doing a guest post on Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. Post to come.



Today I realized that it is officially summer. I know I've already discussed my seasonal confusion because of the nonexistent seasons in LA (plus the fact that I only see daylight for 10 minutes on my commute to and from work everyday), but today I finally realized that summer is actually here. With my last minute trip home, I'm right now panicking that I have to face humidity in a mere day and a half. For a few days I'll have to say goodbye to summer jeans (I still remember what it's like to have jeans stuck to me in the summer, and it's not a good memory) and hello to dresses and shorts.

Wish me luck.


All moved in

Alas, the big weekend has come and gone. Brock and I are officially all moved into our new apartment! We learned quite a few things about putting together a new place. Here's a list of things we learned:

1. No matter how many times you think you have the right type of tools you need to put a shelf/curtains/coffee table together, you still have 4 more trips to the store before you have everything you need to get started.
2. It never takes the estimated amount of time to put together the furniture that it says it will on the box. Assholes.
3. When you put a lightbulb into a lamp that you bought from Craigslist and you see flames coming from it, it's probably not worth trying to fix. Unless you love it and it's part of a matching pair, then it's definitely worth almost dying for.
4. When you prefer all neutral colors and your boyfriend prefers all superhero/star wars decorations, there has to be some type of happy medium. (Neutral bedding, darth vader throw... this isn't a joke)
5. No matter how much money you spend, your apartment will continue to be a work in progress. (I'm broke and have an empty living room.)

How was everyone else's Memorial Day weekend?? Hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy the weather!


Food, Furniture and Fashion.

Well it's almost Memorial Day weekend and today I've been dreaming of delicious recipes, an impeccably decorated apartment and easy summer outfits. Clearly, the reality of my summer is going to be colored denim, fast food and a messy apartment, but a girl can dream. I'm beyond excited for a four day weekend and tomorrow being my Friday! Can't wait to get my key tomorrow and finally move everything out of my room and into my new place (my room is filled to the brim with bags).

Now here's what I've been feasting my eyes on all day:


2 Days.

It's only Tuesday?!? Good god this week is dragging on. So as you guys know by now, I'm moving into the new place on Thursday night. That's when it's official, and I get the key and hand over all of my money. Until then, I've been scouring Craiglist for some good furniture finds since I'm poor. So far I have two lamp/end table combo things, and I'm going to get a coffee table tonight.

I'm sure I will be obsessing over how to decorate this place for months and months to come, but I promise I'll cut back on the design posts after this week. I PROMISE! Until then, I mixed in some fashion with the furniture so you guys don't kill me.