Period Pants.

With the closing of this week, and the end of my week of trends that I can't pull off (with the exception of yesterday, SORRY I got busy), I leave you with the trend that I have the biggest urge to try: The Printed Pant. I love all of the bold prints that are popping up all over the place. But, can I pull them off? That's the big question. I'm trying to figure out the biggest thigh circumference that can pull off a printed pair of pants. I am probably pushing the limit, but I'm going for it anyway. And with a push of confidence from Ali, I am on my way.

"I can come up with a list of 25 more things you can't pull off." - Ali
She has really loved this week's posts (which she reads from over my shoulder), so she's decided to be a guest blogger here next week where she will continue with trends I can't pull off: "Circle skirt, midi skirt, sneakers, boyfriend jeans...." As well as shooting pictures of me trying to pull off the trends that I posted about this week. She's a true friend. (I can see her screen grabbing images on her computer in anticipation for next week already). Stay tuned for next week. In the meantime I have to go buy printed and wide leg pants. Wish me luck.

Now go out and enjoy the weekend. Or go home and catch up on all of this week's posts. Like Ali does.

"I read it at home after I shower with my full bush." -Ali Milano

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  1. This is my 987345039840945 time checking this today and sadly, I am severely disappointed (yet again) to see the title "Period Pants" pop up ONE MORE FREAKING TIME. PLEASE UPDATE ON THE MET GALA. CMON I WANNA KNOW YOUR RANTS AND RAVES! DUH. ugh. I cannot simply be a stalker of a blog whom doesn't care to update as much. jerk.