All moved in

Alas, the big weekend has come and gone. Brock and I are officially all moved into our new apartment! We learned quite a few things about putting together a new place. Here's a list of things we learned:

1. No matter how many times you think you have the right type of tools you need to put a shelf/curtains/coffee table together, you still have 4 more trips to the store before you have everything you need to get started.
2. It never takes the estimated amount of time to put together the furniture that it says it will on the box. Assholes.
3. When you put a lightbulb into a lamp that you bought from Craigslist and you see flames coming from it, it's probably not worth trying to fix. Unless you love it and it's part of a matching pair, then it's definitely worth almost dying for.
4. When you prefer all neutral colors and your boyfriend prefers all superhero/star wars decorations, there has to be some type of happy medium. (Neutral bedding, darth vader throw... this isn't a joke)
5. No matter how much money you spend, your apartment will continue to be a work in progress. (I'm broke and have an empty living room.)

How was everyone else's Memorial Day weekend?? Hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy the weather!

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  1. WTF. Andy and I called you guys! Jerks. Anyway, send pictures of the new place pa pa pa pleaaaaaase and thanks :) Smoochies!