Awkward Crotch.

Among the many reasons why I feel like it would be better to be short, having a short compact body means that you can pull off a ton of cute looks! One of these would be the ever out-of-my-reach romper. I would LOVE to wear a romper. In the middle of summer, what is cuter than a short one piece that you can throw over a swimsuit and wear to the beach? Nothing. But my issue is, like with the wide leg pants, my torso is too long to make any type of romper look be acceptable. Unless awkward camel toe crotches are making a comeback.

There has to be one romper out there that will fit my body correctly, right? I am on a mission. The red, white and blue one below would be UNREAL for the 4th. I'm making it my mission to find one like this for this summer's 4th festivities.

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