Wish list.

So as some/all of you may or may not know, tomorrow I turn the big 2-5. Yes, I will officially be out of my early 20s and thrown deep into the pool of mid-20s. YIKES. I'm pretty much consider an elderly person based on the fact that I now prefer a glass of wine and a good book/tv show over any type of "party" activity, but this birthday really makes things official.

Although I'm well aware that all of the below items are out of my realm of reality, this is my dream birthday wish. A girl (woman?) can dream can't she?

PS I did get an iPhone over the weekend which is both terrifying and exciting. Will someone play some games with me? According to my sister, Words with Friends is "so out" and Draw Something is "on it's way out." Great, I'm sure the iPhone will be "so over" in about a month.

Here's the list:

1. More jewelry!!

2. New laptop. My Mac is from 2005. So... yeah I would really benefit from a new laptop.

3. A white couch. Or $2000 for a good white couch, I'll take either one.

4. I'll take this bed and the art work. I want the whole thing.

5. Ditto here.

6. Love this Joe Fresh dress. Need it for the summer!

7. Most Talkative by Andy Cohen. For obvious reasons, I love Andy Cohen, and he's from St. Louis so... I need this book.

8. These Cheap Monday boots! Love them so very much.

9. A tropical vacation. Anywhere and for at least 2 weeks.

10. The perfect sweater for the cold LA nights. This one is from my dreams.

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