Officially Official.

Well, I signed my new lease for my apartment for the next year, and I'll be an entire half block away from where I live now! I really do love Downtown, even though I know most people are terrified of it, I really like where I live. I'm excited for the new apartment, there is a ton more space, and it's actually a loft rather than just a regular apartment like I have now. (And the rooftop pool doesn't hurt either)

Unfortunately, for you guys, this means that I'm now on full apartment decorating mode. So expect many, many interior design posts for the next few weeks/months. Get over it.

On the bright side, I'm taking many suggestions as to where to find cheap furniture! And if you guys have any decorating ideas, I will take any/all ideas!

Have a good weekend, text me about decorating ideas if they pop in your mind!

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