booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere.

Ok I stole that title from a post on Bleach Black, but I liked it so much I couldn't resist. Alas, it is finally Friday. What does everyone have planned for this lovely weekend? A nice brunch? A day at the beach? A day-long drinking binge at a Texan Rodeo? (Okay, that's just my friend Jaclyn I'm sure).

I wish it were going to stay 80 and sunny all weekend, but just like my luck has been lately, it's cooling down for Sat & Sunday. It's GORGEOUS out right now. Being cooped up in the office is v. depressing. But I still plan on making the most of the weekend and trying my hardest to get some kind of a tan. Being pale is for the birds.

And I just found out that this weekend is daylight savings. Who's ready for longer days? I know I am. I feel like spring and summer are here way sooner than I was ready for. But then again, it's warm here all the time so my seasonal clock is way off. Either way, I need a damn tan.

Happy weekend tramps!

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