It's Monday.. and I'm broke.

Well this weekend didn't go exactly as I had planned which is getting to be typical for me. It could have been a lot more fun if moving weren't the worst thing to do in the whole world. I was full of hope and had visions of an easy move on Friday.. and then Saturday happened. I basically spent the entire day on a wild chase around the better part of the Valley looking for a mattress, since the one I paid $150 for was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen (if you ever meet someone named Carolina Meza, you should go punch her in the face immediately). After finally finding a mattress I could kind of afford (mattresses cost $400 or more?!?! Why didn't anyone warn me of this fact??), I bought a lamp at Target and called it a day.

On Sunday, I moved all of my belongings from my Silverlake apartment to my downtown apartment. All by myself. Then headed back to Target for my room "necessities." $250 later, I left with a cart overflowing with things I need but clearly cannot afford. I was feeling quite adulty (and poor) all day yesterday. Then I noticed there was a giant green puddle underneath my car aka a "coolant leak" that could no longer be ignored. So after signing my expensive lease, buying an expensive-ish not very comfortable mattress and dropping 2 hundie at Target, I'm now faced with a $350 car bill.

This weekend has completely drained me financially. I plan on laying low all week, with my entertainment being the following:

1. Put together my bookshelf from Target
2. Arrange, rearrange, decorate and organize my new spacious room, bathroom and kitchen
3. Cut out pictures in magazines for my wall collage
4. Get bored doing stuff for my room
5. Figure out how to hook up the Wii to the giant TV I have on loan from Chip
6. Play Wii games for a long time
7. Jump up and down on Wednesday afternoon when cable and internet is hooked up
8,9,10,11. Watch trashy cable television until my eyes bleed. GOD I've missed cable.
12. Finally have Jules move in so I won't be so bored! Hooray!

What do you guys have planned for the week? (Responses welcomed and encouraged)

Monday Inspiration Pics:


  1. Six interviews in three days! I will be so glad when this crap is over! Miss ya

  2. Kourtney I miss you! God you are an interview pro by now. What are you up to this weekend? Downtown shopping early morning sat? Haha I need (want) more boots!