Case of the Mondays.

So today I am in a hArrible mood. I spelled it with an a on purpose, for anybody who wants to argue that in addition to being pissed off today, I am also a terrible speller. The reason for my bad mood cannot quite be explained since I can't remember being in a mood like this in quite some time. I could lash at irrationally at any point in time. Seriously.

In contrast to my mood today, I really did have an exceptionally wonderful weekend. Hopefully sharing my lovely weekend with you guys will make my day today less shitty.

FRIDAY: Immediately went from work to Happy Hour with Jules and her two coworkers. Drank some strong mixed beverages. Much needed. Then it was to D-Town (aka, "our diner") for burgers and fries before heading home to shower and hit up Bar 107. That night turned out to be legendary, and probably a glimpse into what life will be like for Jules and I downtown. Beyond crazy.

SATURDAY: Woke up at 9 am. Still drunk. Laughed with Jules about night before for full hour. David comes downstairs after being locked out of his apartment. Crave D-Town. Call D-Town and ask when they open. 10:00. Go for more diner grub. Then back home and back to bed. Saturday night, head out to Happy Ending (Hollywood bar) to party the night up with Jenna, Jordan and David. Too hungover to party. Head to In n' Out for late night burger. Must stop eating burgers on a twice daily basis.

SUNDAY: Beach day with David and Jules. Only problem: Beach is freezing and cloudy, whilst all the rest of LA is sunny and hot. Thanks a lot, Santa Monica. Still fun. Then Ralph's run for weekly groceries and all the goodies for our first Sunday family dinner. Get home, decorate patio and make yummy Margaritas, Fajitas, Rice and Beans. David brings guacamole and Jordan makes brownies for dessert. First family dinner.. huge success.

A couple pics from the weekend:

Inspiration pic theme: "Fuck you":

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