Hot Hot Hot

I know I've been doing a crapload of fall posts lately, and that's obviously because I'm constantly surrounded by clothes from seasons before they hit the stores. I mean I'm already looking at clothes for Spring 2012, so let's be honest, thinking about a few more months of hot summer weather is not super appealing. But I need to be a realist, and start dressing for the weather that it is right now. Hot as balls. Yeah like 90 degrees Downtown, which feels hotter with the dog piss evaporating into the air. (I kid, I kid. Kind of)

Today I decided it was a great idea to wear jeans, boots and a suede tank to work. I'm actually quite cool in the office, but I'm sure when I hit the streets to head home I'm going to start sweating like a pig. That's why for the weekend, I must attempt to dress like it is actually summertime still. I am muy poor right now, so spending money is really out of the question. I will have to find some way to pull outfits together from my actual clothes I already own. Oh no.

Inspiration: Summer in the City

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