Precious Cargo

Sorry dearies for missing a post yesterday, I know all of you were like "WTF Megan where is my daily dose of fashion that we expect from you!?" Well it turns out my roomie was sick and I wasn't feeling too hot, so I took a sick day. But I'm back and ready to fill all of you with more fashion awesomeness.

Today I'm dreaming of fall weather per usual. One look that I'm going to add to my fall wardrobe, even if it is "SO 2010," is the cargo pant. I never liked cargo pants nor did I ever rock them when they were on trend, so that's why I feel like it's acceptable to wear them this fall. I am picturing an oversized sweater, green cargo skinnies, wedge booties and a red lip (because, duh, I'm all about the red lip for fall).

Countdowns: 8 weeks until NYC/Halloween weekend, 12 weeks until Thanksgiving vacay, 17 weeks until X-Mas vacay

Can you tell I need a vacation? Cuz I totally do.

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