Work Wear

So one great thing about working in the fashion industry (at least the LA fashion industry, no clue about those crazy New Yorkers) is the laid back work fashion. My fashion "wardrobe" if you can even call it that usually consists of jean shorts, whatever shirt I grab from my closet and a pair of boots or flats. Sometimes I'll mix it up with a dress or jean here or there, but seriously, I dress the same for work as I would to make a quick run to the store. It's pretty awesome. But like everything in my life, I start looking at the grass being greener on the other side. Now I'm kind of sad that I can't get all glammed up on a daily basis. But seriously, going casual is so much easier, I know. I know. However, below are some looks that I would rock if I wasn't lazy and/or was forced to dress nicer for work.

On a different note, who's excited for Bachelor Pad tonight? Should I be embarrassed about how much I like this show? Probably, but I hear there is going to be a crazy fight involving Kasey (he's a lunatic), Jake and even Melissa (she's straight nuts, too). So exciting.

Hope you had a good Monday!

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