Never Leaving Again!

Is everyone happy the holidays are over? Or is everyone sad to be back at work? I for one am ECSTATIC! It was great to see family and friends, but being back in sunny LA has put me in the best mood today. Even though I'm back to work, I seriously haven't been more excited to have a full day of work. It's gorgeous outside, I have an episode of The Bachelor on my DVR and I'll be stocking up on wine right after work. Things are going quite well.

I can't believe how hot it is here. High in the 70s-80s all week! Coming from 30 degree weather to this warmth is a bit overwhelming. I feel like all I own are oversized sweaters that are a bit inappropriate for this warm weather. Looks like I'll have to do some closet rearranging.

Here are my "summer in January" looks that I want to try this week:

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