Happy Friday!

It's the weekend again. Fuck yeah. What does everyone have planned? Going out and getting drunk? That's irresponsible. Don't do that. I probably will though. I'll also be shopping for Vegas outfits like I mentioned in the last post. Do you think I'm going to cave in and wear a body-con dress and pumps? You're wrong. That won't ever happen. But if I get drunk enough, anything is possible.

Random Fact Friday:

1. I love water parks. I know kids might pee in the water, but I still think they're great. I especially enjoy a good wave pool.
2. I get Glenn Close and Meryl Streep confused more than I'd like to admit.
3. My dream is to be able to pull off a headband and/or hat. I look awful in both.
4. I hate a majority of the people who I'm "friends" with on Facebook. Their statuses make me hate them even more.
5. I usually hate the color pink, but lately I've been strangely drawn to it. Maybe I'll be in a hot pink tight dress in Vegas. Then all hell has broken loose.

Random photos:

In honor of my dear friend Ali, who loves being mentioned in my blog, I titled this post Happy Friday. She'll get it, you won't.

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