Golden Globes Fashion 2012

Did everyone tune into the Globes last night? If you didn't, to be quite honest, you didn't miss that much. The fashion was... lukewarm at best. There was nothing too shocking or daring or stunning about the fashion and the actual show was way less scandalous than I was hoping it would be. With Ricky Gervais hosting again, I thought he was going to rip the actors apart. He stayed very tame and really didn't crack too many jokes at the expense of the celebs. Lame.

But of course I have to do a Best and Worst Dressed List to honor those who actually looked decent and to laugh at those who looked ridiculous.

Here we go..


1. Piper Perabo
Ok I got a lot of shit for liking this look, but to be quite honest, it's the only look that I haven't seen done before. I mean it was a sheer Theyskens Theory bubble ball gown. And I LOVED it. She's getting on all of the Worst dressed lists, but I think those critics are crazy. Her hair was flawless, her jewelry was subdued and her dress was insane. Plus, she wasn't taking herself so seriously like *cough* Angelina Jolie *cough.* I plan on making my wedding dress just like it (but not sheer, unless I'm feeling extra slutty on my wedding day.)

2. Dianna Agron
I feel like my girl crush for Mila Kunis has been transferred over to Dianna Agron. She is freaking adorable. I loved this Giles dress with its intricate lace designs. And her make-up was flawless.

3. Charlize Theron
I hated her choice of the bedazzled headband, but the Dior dress she wore was actually quite stunning. Plus, I feel like Charlize and I could be friends the more I hear about how vulgar her sense of humor is. Plus, if anyone saw Young Adult, you will understand why I love her. And she brought her mom as her date! So cute.

4. Salma Hayek
She rocked her bedazzled outfit last night. Usually, I hate anything this shiny, but Salma was working the shit out of this look. Her hair and jewelry were perfect for the outfit. She looked stunning.

But the official winner and scene stealer of last night goes to...

Uggie The Dog. AWWW!


1. Fuck you Lea Michele.
She's awful. If you don't think so, you might want to take a serious look in the mirror, and ask yourself what is wrong with you. From her fake red carpet laugh to her need to act like she is nice and/or gives a shit about others. Ew, she's the worst. Of the worst.

2. Zooey Deschanel
This one makes me sad because I love Zooey and New Girl. But this dress with her mutton-chop hairdo just made me cringe when I saw her. Why couldn't she do a cute girly dress with a fun updo? WHY?

3. Jessica Biel
Ok, this worst dressed candidate made me happy that she looked so bad. I've hated j.biel for years, and now that she's supposedly engaged to j.timbs, I hate her even more. I'm glad she looked like a sister wife.

4. Madonna
The gloves, the smashed tits, the square ruffles. It was all bad.

The Worst of the Worst Award Goes To...

Cameron Diaz!
She wasn't even invited to the Globes, but she made an appearance at the InStyle afterparty. And good god, she was looking all kinds of crazy. And old. And haggard. Pull it together, Cameron. You're never going to find a man at this rate.

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