Los Pantalones and a What Not To Wear Rant

Alright, as most of you know by now, I love makeover shows. This is one of the big reasons that What Not To Wear has always been a favorite of mine. Usually, I watch a tragically unfashionable woman get transformed with hair and makeup and a new wardrobe. Last night, however, they took an adorable artist from NYC to do the makeover on. The only problem was, she was ALREADY fashionable. More fashion-forward than Stacey and Clinton, that's for sure.

My main issue with the episode was that this 22-year-old girl was what they called "awkward" and in a fashion "rut" because she wore oversized tees and motorcycle boots. This girl could wear a tattered t-shirt and holey jeans, and make them look fashionable. Her hair was light pink, and she still looked great. They wanted her to be more mainstream with her fashion, and that made me mad. All of the people I've seen them do makeovers on REALLY need it. This girl didn't. They made her go from big sweaters and skinny jeans to tight body-con dresses and ugly pumps. Aka- they ruined her.

I probably won't be boycotting the show or anything, but I was surprised that they actually did a makeover on a girl who didn't need it at all. Her pink hair was great.

Ok here are some pics of PANTS because I need to start buying pants that aren't jeans and actually wearing them to work.

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