Yellow and Red.

For some reason it used to be much easier for me to find time to update my blog on a daily basis. I can't blame Brock since it can't totally be his arrival that is making me slack on my blog, but let's be honest it's all his fault! I've also had my head spinning with work, current visitors, upcoming visitors, upcoming weddings and fun stuff like that. I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things and update at least a few times a week!

With my sister's wedding being a mere 20 days away, I'm clearly on the wedding mind track. So, get excited because there will be quite a few hair and makeup posts in the coming weeks as I try to get down to the look I want to do for her big day. I'm thinking I should definitely have an updo since she is wearing her hair down, but beyond that I'm stuck.

My dress is yellow and shoes are camel, so I'm thinking of doing a bright red lip and red nails. I am obsessed with the colors yellow and red together, even though Ali and Brock made McDonald's theme comments on the combo, I still love it! I think they look great together, so I'm going with it. Plus it's a non-traditional wedding, so I can pretty much do whatever I want! Yay!

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