Make-Up Splurge and Countdown to Wedding

Well it's officially 3 days until I leave for St. Louis for my sister's wedding, and I spent all weekend shopping, returning and shopping some more. In an attempt to get some kind of beauty routine going that doesn't revolve around Wet N' Wild, I headed to Sephora on Saturday. Anyone that knows me, knows I have no idea how to do makeup. At all. I literally wear powder, blush, bronzer and mascara. That's it. Everyday.

But I wanted to try to look a little bit snazzy for the wedding, so I took a list (provided by Ali) to Sephora and left spending $100 on god knows what. I think I have lipstick, something that makes my eyebrows look fuller and a sample kit for my face. All I know is I spent $100 on makeup, which is the total I've spent on makeup for my entire life. It took awhile to get over that one.

Ok moving on, I'll get over the makeup situation. Basically my "look" for the wedding is going to be vintage country glam. (Jenna will love that term). Since my dress is very country-esque, but still a classic silhouette, I am pairing it with open toe mary-jane style camel heels, and I'm thinking about doing a messy/poofy fishtail braid. My makeup will be simple with a thick eyeliner and red lipstick. I'm thinking about doing fake lashes as well, but we'll see what happens with that. Doing bright red nails and toenails to go with the classic theme.

Since I started looking into inspiration pics for the yellow dress, I've been seeing a ton of yellow dresses with red lipstick. I have to say I love the color combo.

Let me know your thoughts!

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