Fashion Blogs.

So let's talk blogs for a moment. More specifically, fashion blogs. I mean, it's obvious that I have a vested interest in them since my job revolves around them. But even the amount of popularity they have gained in the past year is seriously mind blowing. Bloggers are the new fashion celebrities. Before, we would look to editors and industry insiders for street style looks. Now, bloggers have completely taken over street style and everything that it means.

So what does this mean for the fashion industry and more specifically, the fashion journalism industry? Well, it's a bit of a tough topic for me since I follow fashion blogs very closely. But I also think that there needs to be a separation between the definition of a fashion editor and a blogger. Where a blogger can have amazing personal style, becoming a fashion editor takes years of school, internships and ma-h-jor ass kissing and hard work to make it to the top. I think we are going to see an inundation of bloggers in the industry until something happens where they start to drop in popularity.

But don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion blogs. And the best part of my job is getting to meet these fashionable ladies who are a daily source of inspiration. One of my favorites that I haven't shared a lot of pics of yet is Le Blog de Betty. If you haven't stalked her yet, you are missing out. I'm obsessed. Below are my favorite looks from the lovely Betty. This girl seriously knows how to rock a sweater.

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