Hump Day.

How was everyone's Valentines Day? Do anything embarrassing? I indulged myself on some sparkling wine, regular wine, shrimp and cake. It. Was. Awesome. Then I passed out (I mean, fell asleep) by 8:30. The only bump in the road was when I went to the cake store (weird convenient store by my apt), and they were out of red velvet cake. I'd only been looking forward to a huge slice of it for WEEKS. And they always have it, believe me, I know since I go by there daily. But alas, I had to settle on carrot cake. Not the same. But I definitely feel like I have a new V-day tradition with gorging myself on food and booze.

So having a technical "holiday" on a Tuesday is making this week drag on. Today especially has felt like it is 4 days in one. I'm ready for the weekend to get here NOW. And then next weekend I have my sister and bro-in-law visiting, so this is the last relaxing weekend I'll have for awhile. I'm hoping I can talk them into taking one of those tacky Hollywood tour buses, they are my only hope for doing cheesy shit like that without being embarrassed about it. We'll see though.

Happy Hump Day whores.

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