Oh boy. Here comes V-Day.

So for most single girls, Valentine's Day is by far the most hated holiday of all time. Even when I've been in relationships for Valentine's Day, I still hated it. There are all kinds of expectations and disappointments and just unnecessary drama. But like the truly pathetic hopeless romantic that I am, I still always tried to make each one special. This is my first Valentine's Day in 6 years that I'm totally single on this horrible holiday. Oh god, just typing that makes me feel like a weirdo. Since my freshman year of college, I've always had some kind of relationship on February 14th? That doesn't even sound like me. For some reason, (because they always suck) I have a solid memory of each one, none turned out in any way romantic or wonderful. Here is an excerpt from one special Valentines Day:

Freshman Year. Had been dating a guy since Christmas Break who I met through some friends. In order to surprise him for this special holiday, I roadtripped 5 hours to his school. He was overjoyed when I arrived and then promptly ditched me when we got to his fraternity party. I sat alone crying for a majority of the weekend. Oh sweet Valentine's Day.

Turns out I'm more excited for my single Valentines Day. Since I don't have to squeeze my body into any type of lingerie or wear a sexy dress to any dinner, I get to make this Valentine's Day all about me. Things that will be included: sweatpants, a large piece of cake, a jug of wine, chick flicks. I don't know about you, but I should've thought this "being alone on Valentines Day" thing up sooner. I'm super excited.

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