Today I was thinking about when I feel the most attractive, and it really isn't when I get all glommed up and have squeaky clean hair and a perfectly put together outfit. It's really when my hair is a bit messy or up in a bun, I have a dab of lipstick on and my boots, jeans and a sweater. I think everyone has their own definition of what looks best. When I look at street style looks, I always gravitate toward the more grunge and urban looks while Ali is always more drawn to the ultra feminine street style looks. I appreciate anyone that can put together a great outfit, but theres something about disheveled hair and dark colors that I always love.

Here are some of my favorites from today. Oh and exciting news, it's supposed to be sunny and warm all weekend so I might actually be able to get semi tan at the beach on Saturday (and Ali's roof on Sunday). Thank heavens. My skin is actually see-through right now.

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