Easter Egg Fashion

Who loves Easter?? Anyone?? Not for the church stuff (boring!), but for the delicious Reeses Eggs and Jolly Rancher jelly beans of course. One of my favorite traditions from childhood is dyeing Easter eggs. Seriously. I love it. Even though everybody laughed at me last year, I still bought eggs and forced my friend Jack to come over and dye them with me. It was a blast (he was miserable, I'm sure.) I prefer the ones that come with stickers of kittens and baby chicks, but really any will do. I'm not letting the fact that I'm in NY on Sunday ruin my tradition. I'll be tweeting pictures of my eggs, so get excited for that.

On a whole other note that has nothing to do with Easter (but kind of does), I went from having no colored denim to having like 5 pairs of colored denim in the matter of 4 days (don't ask). This may be perfect timing because I would love to move all of my dark clothes into the closet and start wearing a ton of pastels for spring/summer. I realize spring is already here, but sometimes it takes a vacation to get me kicked into gear fashion-wise. My weird vacation ritual is packing early and then wearing shitty clothes that I never wear all week before I leave for my trip. I know it's weird, lay off it. But my clothes have been extra grunge this week, so the lesbian jokes have been numerous. (To be fair, I wore Dickies black jeans, a t-shirt with a girls face on it and a plaid shirt to work today. I was asking for it). I am going to be ultra femme starting on Saturday, so suck on that Ali.

Here are some pastel inspiration pics to let you know where my head's at.

2 days until NYC! Fuck to the yes.

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