Dia de Hump.

Well it's Wednesday, which means it's almost Thursday which means it's practically Friday. That we can all be super excited about. I guess today is as good as any to start planning out the weekend, yes? I am thinking since the weather is supposed to be excellent this weekend I will spend Saturday soaking up some sun on the beach and then hitting up a few thrift stores. I feel like I've been majorly slacking when it comes to hitting up thrift stores in LA. This is mainly because they are so expensive and time consuming since everything is so picked over. That's one of the huge things I miss about the Midwest, so many amazing thrift finds for crazy cheap!

In other news, yesterday I received an email from a street style photographer that snapped my pic when I was in Brooklyn. He let me know I was featured on Nylon Japan's website. So weird right? Thought I'd share the pic with you (very bottom of the post).

Happy Wednesday!

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