New York so soon!

Well, Ali has claimed she's bored with my blog (bitch), so in order to spice it up, I'll be adding food pictures to the blog today. If you didn't all know, I'm obsessed with looking up pictures of food/menus online. Seriously, I could spend all day deciding places that I want to eat.

So this week I've been looking up places that I have to try in New York. So far, I've decided I must try Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn, Little Muenster in East Village and Luke's Lobster in the Financial District. Apparently Cake Man Raven has like THE best Red Velvet Cake in all of New York. So of course, I have to try it out. Little Muenster has specialty grilled cheese sandwiches that look fucking unreal. And Luke's Lobster has Maine style lobster rolls that look so good I would trade my first born to have one every single day.

I am still excited for the fashion/shopping portion of my trip. But let's be honest, I'm pretty much focused on the food for now. My weekends will be spent eating at new restaurants while the week of the press preview my "meals" will consist of Starbucks and whatever creepy restaurant Ali and I can find that serves booze for cheap at night. Then we'll be ending the night by stuffing our faces with pastries and free hotel wine. That's our NY trip in a nutshell.

Only 3 more days until we're on a red-eye flight (where Ali will be drooling on the pillow I'm bringing on the plane) to my favorite city.

Random trip pictures:

Sweet, sweet New York.

My Airport Look Inspiration. The Bilson.

Food I WILL be trying in NYC.

Luke's Lobster
Little Muenster
Cake Man Raven

NYC Outfits (sweaters, denim and some maxi dresses):

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