One Day Away.

Leaving for New York tomorrow night, so things are a bit hectic. I'm excited to be there again, hopefully since I'll be there awhile I'll have time to soak it all in. Usually our press previews are nonstop, but I'm spending two full weekends there which means more time to eat and shop!

Might not have time to post tomorrow so this is goodbye for a week! Don't miss my posts too much (Meghan).


  1. A. I will definitely miss your posts - it's been hectic from work and I like taking the break to look so I can say yay! or nay! to the pictures you post.
    B. If you aren't going to post you better be tweeting and texting biotch!
    C. Have fun, get crazy and make some stupid decisions for some great stories when you get back!!
    LOVE YOU!!!

    1. LOVE YOU!!!! (And your comments!!)