All I Want for Christmas is Lipstick and Nail Polish

This weekend seriously kicked my ass. Anyone else? I feel like I was beaten with a bat at some point, my body is all types of sore. Sadly, this is probably from all of the dancing I did on the dance floor rather than any form of real exercise. My friend Jaclyn was in from out of town, so we made it our mission to drink a substantial amount on Saturday night (okay, day and night).

With Christmas only a couple weeks away, my sister and parents have been asking me what I want for Christmas. Usually I have a few things that I want such as luggage or a purse or SOMETHING. This year, the only thing I really want is a ton of lipstick and nail polish.

I feel like with any outfit, you can add an instant punch of fun and color with a great lipstick and nail color. Both are relatively inexpensive and are fun to experiment with new colors.

Hopefully after Christmas, I'll have a bunch of new makeup to play with!

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