Wise Words from a Giant

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm a fucking giant. Ok maybe not a giant, but I'm tall as shit. I grew up being the tallest girl in class pretty much every year until boys started to catch up in high school (thank god puberty finally kicked in for them).

I haven't gone to the doctor in awhile, but last time I checked I clocked in at 5'9. When I went home for Thanksgiving break a few weeks ago, my sister looked at me and said... "Have you been growing..?" Me- "Um, no" Then my aunt walks into the kitchen a couple minutes later and she says, "Wow, you've really gotten tall." By then, I thought they were playing a joke on me. But I looked around the kitchen, and I actually was taller than everyone- by a lot. I'm even taller than my dad now which is just embarrassing.

The next day, while shopping at a store, my mom wanted me to pick up a coffee maker that was on a high top shelf. Another woman with her young son also wanted the same coffee maker. I said that I could easily get it. I barely go on my tippy toes, and I grab two coffee makers from the top shelf. I hand one to the woman, and while we are walking away I hear the child say to his mother, "Wow, mom how did she do that?!?" The mother responds, "She's tall! And hopefully you'll grow to be that tall too!"

I've become a circus freak.

So to all you short people, don't act like being tall is the best. You have a full dating pool of all heights of men, you can be described as "cute" and most importantly, you can rock heels everyday without becoming the height of a WNBA player. God, I would love to wear heels without being taller than every man and woman in the room. But I can't. And it blows.

Below are shoes I would wear if I weren't scary tall.

Images via Guerreisms.com

PS This is my 100th post! Happy 100th post to Me!

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