Things I need: TAN BOOTS

Christmas is getting dangerously close. This means that I should have presents for all of my loved ones taken care of and fully ready to be taken back with me to the good ole Midwest. Instead I have pretty much bought no presents for anyone, and I keep thinking of more things I need to get before I head back for 17 glorious days.

One of these things that I "need" to get before I head back is a pair of tan ankle boots. If you look at the bottom of my closet, I have about 6 pairs of black ankle boots. Not exaggerating. But I don't have any pairs of brown or tan boots! Can you believe it?? Me neither. It's blasphemous.

But I need all of your help in deciding which boots to get. I trust your fashion judgement since I'm only friends with people who fully know how to dress themselves. Based on the shoes below, which ones should I get?? Such a tough decision.

Whoever this is looks super cute in tan boots! This could be me!

These are my ideal brown boots, I will probably be searching for them forever.

If I get these boots, I too can lay in the grass all day taking pictures of my boots. A girl can dream.

I like these a lot, but I'm not sure about the color.
Is this color better? Or.. worse??
Are these too high on the ankle??
Are these hideous??
Are these too orange??

Clearly I need your help people!!


  1. First or third pic down are definitely you. Good luck!