To Adele, With Love.

Guys, I have huge news. Not sure if I'm the last to find this out, but Adele officially has Twitter! Since I have yet to confess to you all about my Adele obsession in its entirety, I thought that today would be a perfect day to do so.

First, this video pretty much says it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJuSCPxTUvo

Once you've finished watching this SNL skit, I'll explain to you when Adele and I were first introduced, and what blossomed into a full blown sick obsession.

It was the summer after my junior year of college, and I was staying at my friend Lauren's house for the summer. I had an internship, and as soon as I got home from it, I would turn on the TV and watch recorded episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. In my opinion, it was the best season ever. I was moved to tears (shut it, I cry easily) by more than one performance (Mia Michaels is a genius). One dance in particular was performed by Katee and Joshua, and I still YouTube it and get chills (go watch it, it will change your life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yte-HphZEVc). The song that they danced to was Hometown Glory by Adele.

I had never heard of Adele, but I was immediately obsessed. She was my Pandora station, she was my everything. Sadly, or I guess not so sadly for her, she exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. Everyone knows Adele, everyone loves Adele. But I loved her first (or so I'd like to think).

So next time you turn on Someone Like You or Turning Tables or One and Only, belt the words out, shed a few tears, and remember that the love you have for Adele, I have times a billion.

Non- Adele Related Pics of the Day:

Sweaters and Jackets, hooray!

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