Shear Genius

Well, well it's Monday once again. Isn't it great how the weekends fly by and then Monday seems to drag on for eternity? It's the best.

Today I want to share with you the ultimate gift I want for Christmas. Well, what I really need is a memory foam mattress topper since my bed is made of springs and misery, but that's already being taken care of by my sister. So, second on my list is a leather/shearling coat for this winter. It's thick enough for the non-bitter-coldness of winter here in LA, plus who doesn't love giant shearling lapels? That's what I thought.

Below, feast your eyes on the inspiration behind my big Christmas wish.

Currently listening to: Gone- N'Sync (Flashbacks to slow dancing with my 8th grade crush to this song.)

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  1. OBSESSED with these!!! 4th or 6th picture down is my favorite!!