Oh no, guys. Today I had a startling revelation. Okay, actually it has been creeping into my mind lately, but I tried to push it away. I can't any longer. I have something to admit. I. Hate. The. Tribal. Trend. As with what I posted about yesterday, I change my mind about what I like ALL the damn time. One day I love flowy skirts, the next day all I want is a structured pant and so on. I'm constantly changing my mind. But recently, I have noticed that the tribal, bohemian trend just pisses me off. I straight up hate it.

BUT I think I will keep the name of my blog intact. I mean, I still love everything vintage. So that part still holds true. And I still have a tribal print oversized cardigan that I love more than any other piece in my wardrobe. And it's vintage. Ok you're right, I need a new blog name. That's where you guys come in, what's a good blog name that would make sense for this blog?? Or should I just keep it the same? I know you're all dying to give me your ideas, so I'm excited to hear them.

On a side note, IT'S FRIDAY!! YAHOO!! Aren't you so excited that it's the weekend? Even though I'm hungover as shit today, I'm still pumped for this weekend. I have tons of stuff to take care of before I fly out on Tuesday night when I fly HOME for THANKSGIVING (my favorite Holiday. Duh.)

And without more ado, Random Fact Friday ensues:
1. I have boy size fingernails. They are not attractive, but they look worse when I don't gnaw on them and grow them out.
2. Twizzlers are my addiction. I have a bag a week. A family size bag.
3. I hate bras. They are restricting and unnecessary.
4. I look horrible in hats. Learned that the hard way today, by wearing a hat.
5. I love oversized sweaters. I have 20, and I'm just going to keep wearing them all winter.

Now everyone go get drunk! (This post is dedicated to Ali. My blog's number one fan.)

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  1. You have to keep it tribal. You're Pocahontas. Duh.