I have a very specific type. VERY specific. I have yet to find the guy that matches my specifications which could be the reason I'm still single? I feel like I'll just know when I see him and then we will fall in love and live happily ever after. The reason I think these absurd things is because of Disney, and I still blame them for putting these thoughts in my head. Below is my list of the perfect man:

1. Tall
2. Bearded (no not a full bushy beard, just a good deal of scruff)
3. Dark hair preferred, but I will also date blondes on occasion.
4. Impeccable style. He can dress himself in a way that throwing on jeans and a tee shirt looks like the greatest outfit ever invented.
5. Tattoos. This one is optional, but doesn't hurt.
6. Funny. Obviously I want him to have a great sense of humor but not in the way that he's trying to hard to be funny. So annoying.
7. Close with his family. This goes without explaining.
8. Extremely intelligent. I don't want to be mentally correcting his grammar every time we hang out.
9. Likes cuddling and holding hands. Both of my previous boyfriends loathed hand holding, one even referred to it as being on a leash. Rude!
10. Original. I want to meet someone who isn't like anyone else I've ever met.
11. Up for fun/interesting dates. I want someone who wants to try new restaurants, go to flea markets, take random trips.
12. Occasional cig smoker. Yeah I know it's bad for his health, but I find it very attractive. Sue me.
13. Wears glasses once in awhile. With thick rims. Yum.

I probably just need to date Joseph Gordon Levitt. If you guys see him out and about, go ahead and give him my number.

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  1. Umm...Andrew Garfield is my go-to. Him and Ryan Gosling you can NEVER go wrong with. Although, I do feel that you and JGL would make VERY attractive babies.