Heading Home

It's already 2 days away from Thanksgiving, and I could not be more excited about heading home. For some reason (the food), Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Clearly any holiday that revolves around a huge delicious meal will always come at the top of my favorites lists.

As I mentioned before, tradition is huge for me. So this year I will be partaking in all of my favorite T-giving traditions. Starting with Black Wednesday, where my dearest friends and I head out on the "town" (our hometown) to get completely plastered and rehash all of the times we got drunk in high school and talk about who's pregnant from our graduating class(it's a blast, don't knock it 'til you've tried it.)

Then early Thursday morning, I drive (hungover as shit) home to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my family. My mom is always in a frenzied but good mood getting all of the food prepared and I help like I'm 5 years old, chopping up onions and taste testing everything. Once the whole family arrives, we DIG into that feast. Clearly, I'm decked out in my finest sweatsuit ensemble. After the feast, I stretch out on the couch watching my favorite holiday movie and look through the ads to figure out what I should blow my money on for Black Friday. Then obvi, Black Friday I'll be "waking up" around 11 (pm) to head out to watch the crazy people fight for electronics while I sip my coffee and buy cheap underwear and towels.

Aren't you glad you know about my traditions?!? I know you are. Below are some outfits that are stewing in my head for my night out with the girls on Wednesday. I'll see you guys next Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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