My Love for Poisonous Dart Frogs

When I was a child, I thought every kid had to collect something. I had friends who collected anything from Beanie Babies, miniature Barbie toys we would get in our Happy Meals to rocks (the cool kind, not just gravel rocks). Then there would be other friends who would have grandparents who knew they loved polar bears, so every trip they would go on, they would come back with the coolest polar bear souvenir from Branson or other equally grandparent-y vacation locale.

My complete envy for these friends and random children's obsessions was the start of my so-called obsession with Poisonous Dart Frogs. Of course, it would have been way too easy to love something normal like dogs or kittens, but I had to love this odd Amazon creature with bright colors and mysterious spots. It was what I chose to be obsessed with, so go with it.

Every field trip we would go on, I would search for a poisonous dart frog souvenir. This turned into me just collecting random frog souvenirs, since poisonous frogs are kind of a difficult thing to collect. This obsession lasted about a year or two, and has resulted in me having the most random frog memorabilia at my parents house.

The only thing that remains from my faux obsession with poisonous dart frogs is my love for bright colors. This winter I'm going to try to fight the urge to wear black and gray on a daily basis, and add some bright colors into my wardrobe. Wish me luck.

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