My Life is In Shambles

Thanks to my haircut, I'm going through a quarter-life crisis. I thought I was mentally capable of cutting my hair and feeling like a new person. The only problem with having a body like a boy and then cutting my hair like a boy is that... I feel like a freaking boy! When I decided to cut my hair, I thought it would accentuate my awkwardness in a good way. The only thing it has done has caused me to start dressing even more boyish than usual and completely giving up on looking attractive. Seriously, I'm in a sweater with a button up denim shirt underneath today. The sweater is size 12, and I'm pretty sure I had my tag sticking out the majority of the day. Oh lord.

Now I pass my days missing the following:
- Wearing large buns on top of my head
- Side braids
- Whipping my hair to the infamous Willow Smith song
- Hearing references to my overall look and Pocahontas
- Using my hair as a way to get away with never wearing bras
- Going days without brushing/washing my hair and nobody noticing

My words of advice for today are think things through before you actually do something LIFE changing. My hair was a security blanket I thought I was mentally prepared to shed, but BOY was I wrong. RIP long hair. You are being dearly missed.

BTW This HelloGiggles article has nothing to do with this post, but it's brilliant and the story of my life: http://hellogiggles.com/single-girls-guide-i-got-99-probs

Images of women able to pull of short hair and still look attractive (Hint, they aren't me):

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